“Every now and then, a restaurant and city collide in ways that make it difficult to imagine how one could exist without the other”
Travis Lett, Gjelina


We tell our story through the food we serve. Ours is a team of culinary enthusiasts that have a profound understanding of the craft of making food and the love for sharing that with our guests. Our recipes show a respect for natural ingredients and the process of food making. We have created a menu and a presentation style that epitomizes the culinary theme of Without Boundaries – a cuisine that speaks of origins and paths but defies place and geography. Our theme is inspired by contemporary, global cuisine and the bold and daring cosmopolitan spirit of Karachi that embellishes us with diverse culinary cultures in constant dialogue and story telling around taste, smell and sight of food. We hope to animate our story through the evolving gastronomy of Karachi– as our guests encounter the surprising ingredients and techniques we offer and contrasting texture and temperatures we build with our remarkable service and hospitality.


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41-C Khayaban e Bukhari, DHA Phase 6, Karachi

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